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4.3 SatoYama map p4 0823b p1生態系の図-1H-lines OHNE LINIEN.jpg


Synopsis Diagram and Explanations of the Sagamine Eco System


illustrations and layout for an educational leaflet for the Sagamine Satoyama Plan, a research project on the landscape and ecosystem of Satoyama at Aichi University of the Arts, Design Dept.



design and production

C. メッツラー デザイン事務所

4.3 SatoYama map p2+3 finish-scan colour.jpg
4.3 SatoYama map p1 0823 Title lines.jpg
4.3 SatoYama map a 01.09.16 14 43 41 2.jpg
4.3 SatoYama map a 01.09.16 14 43 43.jpg
4.3 SatoYama map a 01.09.16 15 00 51.jpg
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