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1.6 Kyoto Postcard 4 伏見稲荷 350dpi b +tone.jpg


Kyoto Tourist Postcards

client, planning and production:




1 金閣寺 2 銀閣寺 3 清水寺 4 伏見稲荷 5 嵐山 6 二条城  

Targeting foreign tourists, we have tried to create a modern postcard product of Kyoto by arranging the romantic image of old postcards in a modernized style.

 There are many more places to visit in Kyoto, but according to information from the Kyoto City Tourism Association, the following six places are most popular with European tourists:

№ 1 Kinkakuji Temple № 2 Ginkakuji Temple № 3 Kiyomizu Temple

№ 4 Fushimi Inari Shrine № 5 Arashiyama № 6 Nijo-Jo Castle 



I was really inspired by the picture postcards from over 125 years ago, when postcards became popular as social media,

and wanted to update this archetypes without loosing their romantic touch.

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