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Nagakute Tourist Map


a map of tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants and other local businesses that fits into the overall visual identity of Nagakute city

4.11 Nagakute map ながくてグルメ2017版中面(420x594)0722lines(corr20220122 1 small.jpg



design and production:

C.メッツラー デザイン事務所


A map is a complex graphic in which a large amount of different information has to be arranged and related to each other. I designed this map from scratch whereby Google Maps was of good help. The graphic expression of the map is consistent with the visual identity of Nagakute city, which we developed in 2017.

4.11 Nagakute map IMG_1662 cm2.jpg
4.11 Nagakute map IMG_1664 cm.jpg
IMG_1686 cm.jpg
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