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4.7 Croissant Ginza 20190321 1 syuusei 600dpi coloured.jpg

クロワッサン 995号

Croissant issue 995


[The New Tokyo]


birdsʼ eye view of Great Ginza, spread


4.7 Croissant-No995 2019-04-13 10 03 13.jpg


The first sketches: I tried to arrange the whole district into the centre-folded rectangle of a double page. It was a lot of work, but I love this kind of job and from now on can guide you to all the details in Ginza!

4.7 Croissant Ginza 20190304 skizze thot Scan1 c.jpg
4.7 Croissant Ginza 20190305 skizze whop Skizze4a c.jpg
4.7 Croissant Ginza 2019-03-11 9 06 13 b=c.jpg
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